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Quantum-limited time-frequency estimation through mode-selective photon measurement
J.M. Donohue, V. Ansari, J. Řeháček, Z. Hradil, B. Stoklasa, M. Paúr,
L.L. Sánchez-Soto, and C. Silberhorn
arXiv:1805.02491 (link)

qpgConcept_notext.pngTomography and purification of the temporal-mode structure of quantum light
V. Ansari, J.M. Donohue, M. Allgaier, L. Sansoni, B. Brecht,
J. Roslund, N. Treps, G. Harder, and C. Silberhorn
Physical Review Letters 120, 213601 (link)
arXiv:1607.03001 (link)
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Ultrafast quantum interferometry with energy-time entangled photons
J.-P. W. MacLean, J.M. Donohue, and K.J. Resch
Physical Review A 97, 063826 (link)
arXiv:1803.04398 (link)


Tailoring nonlinear processes for quantum optics with pulsed temporal-mode encodings
V. Ansari, J.M. Donohue, B. Brecht, and C. Silberhorn
Optica 5, 534 (2018) (link)
arXiv:1803.04316 (link)
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Direct characterization of ultrafast energy-time entangled photon pairs
J.-P. W. MacLean, J. M. Donohue, and K. J. Resch
Physical Review Letters 120, 053601 (link)
“Editor’s Suggestion”
Physics Viewpoint: Detecting Energy-Time Entanglement by Michael Schirber
Physics World: Energy-Time Entanglement Detected in Photons
IQC Press Release
arXiv:1710.11541 (link)
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Heralded generation of high-purity ultrashort single photons
in programmable temporal shapes
V. Ansari, E. Roccia, M. Santandrea, M. Doostdar Kejdehi, C. Eigner, L. Padberg,
I . Gianani, M. Sbroscia, J. M. Donohue, L. Mancino,
M. Barbieri, and C. Silberhorn
Optics Express 26, 2764 (2018) (link)
arXiv:1711.09678 (link)
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Streak-camera imaging of single photons at telecom wavelength
M. Allgaier, V. Ansari, C. Eigner, V. Quiring, R. Ricken, J.M. Donohue,
T. Czerniuk, M. Aßman, M. Bayer, B. Brecht, and C. Silberhorn
Applied Physics Letters 112, 031110 (2018) (link)
arXiv:1704.04129 (link)
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Spectrally engineering photonic entanglement with a time lens
J. M. Donohue, M. Mastrovich, and K. J. Resch
Physical Review Letters 117, 243602 (2016) (link)
arXiv:1604.03588 (link)
IQC Press Release: “Photonic entanglement takes on a new shape


Precision measurement of the nuclear polarization
in laser-cooled optically pumped 37K

B. Fenker, J. A. Behr, R. Anderson, M. Anholm, D. Ashery, R. S. Behling, I. Cohen,
I. Craiciu, J. M. Donohue, C. Farfan, D. Friesen, A. Gorelov, J. McNeil, M. Mehlman,
H. Norton, K. Olchanski, S. Smale, O. Theriault, A. N. Vantyghem, and C. L. Warner
New Journal of Physics 18, 073028 (link)
arXiv:1602.04526 (link)



Identifying nonconvexity in the sets of limited-dimension quantum correlations
J. M. Donohue and E. Wolfe
Physical Review A 92, 062120 (link)
arXiv:1506.01119 (link)
Blog post, “When quantum correlations need a helping hand,” by Filippo Miatto
IQC Press Release: “Filling in the gaps in quantum correlations” (link)


Theory of high-efficiency sum-frequency generation
for single-photon waveform conversion
J. M. Donohue, M. D. Mazurek, and K. J. Resch
Physical Review A 91, 033809 (2015) (link)
arXiv:1412.5516 (link)



Ultrafast time-division demultiplexing of polarization-entangled photons
J. M. Donohue, J. Lavoie, and K. J. Resch
Physical Review Letters 113, 163602 (link)
arXiv:1410.4524 (2014) (link)


35Cl solid-state NMR of HCl salts of active pharmaceutical ingredients:
Structural prediction, spectral fingerprinting, and polymorph recognition
M. Hildebrand, H. Hamaed, A. M. Namespetra, J. M. Donohue,
R. Fu, I. Hung, Z. Gan, and R. W. Schurko
CrystEngComm 16, 7334-7356 (2014) (link)



Coherent ultrafast measurement of time-bin encoded photons
J. M. Donohue, M. Agnew, J. Lavoie, and K. J. Resch
Physical Review Letters 111, 153602 (2016) (link)
“Editor’s Suggestion”
Physics Viewpoint: It’s a Good Time for Time-Bin Qubits by Todd Pittman
arXiv:1306.1250 (link)


Reliable entanglement verification
J. M. Arrazola, O. Gittsovich, J. M. Donohue, J. Lavoie, K. J. Resch, and N. Lütkenhaus
Physical Review A 87, 062331 (2013) (link)
arXiv:1302.1182 (link)


Spectral compression of single photons
J. Lavoie, J. M. Donohue, L. G. Wright, A. Fedrizzi, and K. J. Resch
Nature Photonics 7, 363 (link)
arXiv:1308.0069 (link)
Nature News & Views: Tailored Single Photons by Matthew Eisaman


Experimental violation of three new families of Bell’s inequalities
L. Vermeyden, M. Bonsma, C. Noel, J. M. Donohue, E. Wolfe, and K. J. Resch
Physical Review A 87, 032105 (2013) (link)



Ultrafast manipulation of single photons using dispersion and sum-frequency generation
University of Waterloo PhD Thesis 2016 (link)