Tailored phasematching as a time-frequency photonic toolbox in Optica

We’ve just published a quick guide to “Tailoring nonlinear processes for quantum optics with temporal mode encodings,” online now at Optica and on the arXiv. A big congratulations and thanks to my co-authors in Paderborn (Vahid Ansari and Christine Silberhorn) and Oxford (Benni Brecht). The review collects a lot of information that’s become “conventional wisdom” to […]

Photons with programmable spectra in Optics Express

Want high-purity single photons, but with control over their temporal shape? A result from our collaboration with Marco Barbieri’s group at University Rome Tre, Heralded generation of high-purity ultrashort single photons in programmable temporal shapes, explains how, and is now published in Optics Express. One of the bigger limitations of downconverted photon pairs is their tendency […]