Reconstructing and deconstructing ultrafast modes of quantum light

To take advantage of the time-frequency degree of freedom for downconverted photons, it is important to be able to attack them where they live. This can be accomplished by controlling their housing, shaping their spectrum to something close to a binned encoding, using unbalanced interferometers or cavity techniques. The alternative is to leave them in […]


Tailored phasematching as a time-frequency photonic toolbox in Optica

We’ve just published a quick guide to “Tailoring nonlinear processes for quantum optics with temporal mode encodings,” online now at Optica and on the arXiv. A big congratulations and thanks to my co-authors in Paderborn (Vahid Ansari and Christine Silberhorn) and Oxford (Benni Brecht). The review collects a lot of information that’s become “conventional wisdom” to […]

Photons with programmable spectra in Optics Express

Want high-purity single photons, but with control over their temporal shape? A result from our collaboration with Marco Barbieri’s group at University Rome Tre, Heralded generation of high-purity ultrashort single photons in programmable temporal shapes, explains how, and is now published in Optics Express. One of the bigger limitations of downconverted photon pairs is their tendency […]